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“I had personable and helpful teachers, who made subjects such as Calculus and Physics fun. I loved the one-on-one help that I got at Toronto Prep! I have recently finished my courses and am applying for university.”

Louis Mark – Canada

“I’m so glad I’ve chosen this school! Every teacher and staff member is supportive and harmonious. They make me feel at home. I met people from different cultures and learnt a lot about the world just by being here. I give it thumbs up!” 

Nazym Guldari – Mongolia


So we invite you to consider joining us.

The teachers "are very good and take their time to explain in details all the topics we study until we all understand the subject. I am planning to go to a college next fall and study in the area of health...I will have the confidence to proceed with my career."
Raul Mora
“My teachers went out of their way to get me the help I needed. I am now studying at Algoma University. Thanks again!”
Mohammed Alharbi
"In Toronto Prep's fun-filled atmosphere, I studied the basics of business English. Currently I am attending Mount Saint Vincent University pursuing the Bachelor of Business Administration. If possible, I would like to stay in Canada after graduation.”
Wael Mejjialid
Saudi Arabia
I really like this school. One of the best the way the teachers teach, they provide us with strategies to keep learning once we finish the school and it’s amazing how you can improve because of that. (I made) friends from around the world. I reckon that this experience drastically changed my life
Sara Ruiz