Most frequent Questions and Answers

Each course at TPA is required to follow the same achievement outline. The Ministry of Education requires that each course is evaluated on the following format:

  • 70% of the grade is based on evaluations conducted throughout the course and should reflect the student’s most consistent level of achievement.
  • 30% of the grade is based on a final evaluation.

The Ontario Student Record folder (OSR) is the official record for a student. The OSR is created when a student enters the Ontario school system and moves with the student from school to school. The OSR is created under the authority of the Education Act, and the contents of the OSR are protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The OSR folder contains achievement results, credits earned, and other information important to the education of the student.

Extra curricular activities are available for free, and are also organized at a cost – like a baseball game, or an amusement park, or many other options.

It can be either. Some students do it entirely on their own, and others form a group. We can give suggestions when you Contact Us.